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Mold Pricing Chart

$11,448 Authorized Contractor Price (+15% royalty on sold Reef Ball)

Mold Size--> Oyster Lo-Pro Mini-Bay Bay Pallet Ultra** Super Goliath Goliath Booster Ring
Purchase $719 $978 $1,840 $2,904 $5,606 $8,280 $10,005 $11,448 $11,489
Reef Ball Foundation Grant $443 $610 $1,150 $1,823 $3,467 $5,129 $6,003 $6,893 $6,893
Mold Duplication Fee *** $207 $345 $690 $978 $2,127 $3,220 $7,820 $8,280 $8,280
$150 Model

** Reef Ball molds (similar in size to the Ultra Ball but more irregular for diving or biological purposes) are no longer made in normal production runs but could be built upon request. Pricing level is similar to the Ultra Ball size.
*** Copying of molds is permitted by our clients and contractors under the following conditions:
1) Molds must function exactly like the original molds (That means to make a copy, one must first copy the original mold, then pull a new original from the copied "master". They must be of the same thickness and fiberglass quality as original molds. (Use of fiberglass roving is generally needed for mold flanges).
2) Copied molds must have all parts the same as original molds. This includes pins and washers like the originals that can generally be lathed at any metal working shop, same sized plates, and inclusion of the rubber stoppers on the inside mold shells. Hole patterns and hole sizes in the shells must be identical. Only Polyform branded buoys can be used in the molds for the inflatable parts. We are happy to supply any parts you cannot find or manufacture locally.
3) Payment of a "mold duplication fee" or license for each mold put in service. (which is a charge we use to recover the engineering. testing and R&D costs of the master molds over the expected number of molds produced.)

To place a mold in service, you must email us a picture of the mold set up so that we can confirm it has been copied correctly and the mold has all the associated working parts and you must remit the mold duplication fee. In some cases, we will reduce or waive the duplication fee when duplicated molds are to be used exclusively for Reef Ball Foundation Grant Program approved projects. After this step, and we can log it in as a licensed mold for copyright purposes and you may begin using your copied molds.

All prices FOB Sarasota, Florida from our mold producer, Reef Innovations, Inc.
There is a 5% surcharge for international orders (for the extra paperwork involved), we charge 10% above actual shipping costs if you wish us to arrange a shipping broker for you and there is a minimum packing charge of $75 calculated at $25 for each $1000 of purchase price. We STRONGLY encourage that shipments are insured. Purchases under the Reef Ball Foundation Grant Pricing Program or Authorized Contractor pricing must be paid in advance of shipping. Credit for mold orders at the normal pricing level is available only to pre-approved customers and is generally available to US governmental entities or large corporate entities with an approved purchase order once credit has been approved.
Other normal pricing level projects can be shipped with an approved letter of credit drawn upon Bank of America for purchases that exceed $25,000 or with an approved credit application.
In the event that invoices are past due, a 2% per month charge will be added to your bill. Minimum order is US $2,000 unless the project is enrolled in one of our Reef Ball Foundation Grant programs. If you ask for us to build your molds before payment, there is a $175/month/mold storage fee until payment is made. There is a 20% restocking charge if you cancel your order. Molds are generally ready for shipment 4-6 weeks after payment, but are often ready faster if the order is small. Molds can generally be ready for shipment within 2 weeks with a 15% rush charge which is used for faster shipping of parts from our suppliers. We accept wire transfers or checks. Just ask and we will prepare a proforma invoice for you with estimated shipping costs, this normally will take several days in order to obtain an accurate shipping quote.

To qualify for the Reef Ball Foundation Grant pricing level, your project must apply to the Reef Ball Foundation for acceptance. See see if you qualify. Most approvals are granted within 48 hours of application. Projects that qualify need to be for public benefit or research purposes, have a minimal monitoring program in place and at least one press release.

Molds are licensed for a specific project and/or client and are not generally transferable except to other Reef Ball Foundation Grant approved projects. Only approved Authorized Contractors are licensed to re-sell Reef Balls. Molds cannot be resold but we encourage donation of them to any approved Reef Ball Grant Program project if you no longer plan to use them. See "copying molds policy" below if you plan on copying Reef Ball molds for your project.

Additions to your molds
Standard Tool Kit $500
Contractor Tool Kit $1,500
Coral Propagation & Planting Kit (does 100 corals) $200
Coral Propagation Table (for propagation) $1,200
Floating Coral Propagation Table (for propagation) $3,900
Spare Parts & Coral Supplies PRICE LIST Note: Spare parts are included in mold purchases sufficient for an average project.

Concrete Additives

Adva Flow High Range Water Reducer (No brand substitution is permitted, Adva 140, 120, and 121 or other W.R. Grace Adva brands are acceptable but quantity used must be adjusted) $32 per gallon (14 oz per yard of concrete in truck, double by hand)
W.R. Grace Microsilica in 25 lb dissolvable bags (Other Acceptable Brands) $15 per bag
Fibermesh 150 (one bag does 2-3 yards of concrete) (Other Acceptable Brands) $8 per bag
Fiberglass rebar for anchoring Reef Balls (Other Suppliers) Call / depends upon thickness and volume

Reef Ball Foundation Suggested Retail Pricing

Effective 01/01/2007

The Reef Ball Foundation DOES NOT control the prices that Authorized Contractors can charge to sell Reef Balls to their customers, however we do set a suggested retail price so that if you are planning a project, you can roughly estimate what it would cost to have a contractor supply Reef Ball to you instead of having the build the Reef Balls yourself. These prices are based on a US based project and there is considerable variation around the world based on concrete, labor, taxes, and local volume. These prices are based on a small project size. In most projects involving more than $50,000 of Reef Balls, prices can be expected to be less, sometimes considerably so..

Goliath Reef Ball Module with full admixtures $450
(4.10 feet tall, 6 feet base diameter, average weight 5,000 pounds)
(Surface area 230 sq ft, average holes 35)

Super Reef Ball Module with full admixtures $400
(4.5 feet tall, 6 feet base diameter, average weight 4,500 pounds)
(Surface area 190 sq ft, average holes 30)

Ultra Reef Ball Module with full admixtures $350
(3.8 feet tall, 5 feet base diameter, average weight 3,200 pounds)
(Surface area 150 sq ft, average holes 25)

Reef Ball Module with full admixtures $375
(3.5 feet tall, 6 feet base diameter, average weight 3,000 pounds)
(Surface area 130 sq ft, average holes 25)

Pallet Ball Module with full admixtures $200
(2.9 feet tall, 4 feet base diameter, average weight 1,300 pounds)
(Surface area 130sq ft, average holes 17)

Bay Ball Module with full admixtures $100
(2 feet tall, 3 feet base diameter, average weight 375 pounds)
(Surface area 40sq ft, average holes 14)

Mini Bay Ball Module with full admixtures $90
(1.75 feet tall, 2.5 feet base diameter, average weight 230 pounds)
(Surface area 29sq ft, average holes 14)

Lo-Pro Ball Module with full admixtures $75
(1.4 feet tall, 1.1 feet base diameter, average weight 120 pounds)
(Surface area 16.6sq ft, average holes 12)

Oyster Ball Module with full admixtures $40
(9 inches tall, 17 inch base diameter, average weight 40 pounds)
(Surface area 7.25sq ft, average holes 8)

Large Model Ball Module with full admixtures $18
(5 inches tall, 8 inch base diameter, average weight 6 pounds)
(average holes 16)

Medium Model Ball Module with full admixtures $12
(3.75 inches tall, 5 inch base diameter, average weight 2 pounds)
(average holes 15)

Small Model Ball Module with full admixtures $8
(2 inches tall, 2.5 inch base diameter, average weight 0.5 pounds)
( average holes 11)

Typical Deployment Costs

Deployment costs are extremely variable around the world based on the supply of barges and distances to reef sites. These prices are typical Florida prices and may be useful to help estimate the cost of deployments. Deployment prices vary by port location,
site location and number of units.

Average cost for delivery - $1.50/mile per load. Load counts vary depending on modules

Average cost for deployment for Dock and Seawalls - $300.00 per day

Average cost for Barge deployment - $7,000.00 per Deployment Day
$6,000.00 per Loading Day
Dependent upon Barge availability, there may be a Mob/Demob Charge.

Average cost for Pontoon work boat - $300/hr plus delivery

Bottom Survey and Monitoring - $500 per day, plus expenses

Pre / Post Deployment Survey - $500 per day, plus expenses

* All prices are based on “normal” construction operations and situations.

General and Business Inquiries
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