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All orders for part must be pre-paid unless other arrangements are made in advance.
All Reef Ball Parts are now supplied by Reef Innovations.
Packing and shipping is in addition to the prices below.

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Polyform US Buoys
A-0 A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 A-5
$30 $45 N/A $100 $200 $350


A-0 Lockdown Kit - PVC Collar and pin
w/ A-0 w/o A-0
$40 $10


Slotted Pins, Washers & Wedges
3 Inch Set 5 Inch Set
$15.50 $17.50


Hold Down Plates
Square Plates Long Plates
$24.50 $--


Hold Down Bars
Oyster/Lo Pro Bay Bar Pallet/Reef Bar
$12.95 $14.95 $16.95


Side Balls & Accessories
Tether Balls w/string & Pin A-0 Kit (PVC collar & Pin)
$7.50 $15.00


Attachment Adaptor Plugs *
$5 Each

*Used to attach corals,signs, ropes, etc. to Reef Balls
Oyster uses up to 12 (8 it typical)
Lo Pro uses up to 18 (12 it typical)
Bay Ball uses up to 24 adaptors (18 is typical)
Pallet Ball uses up to 36 adaptors (24 is typical)
Reef Ball uses up to 72 adaptors (36 is typical)


Fiberglass Mold Shell Replacements (ea.)
Oyster Lo-Pro Bay Pallet Reef
$225 $285 $750 $1800 $2200


NEW: Reef Ball Coral Plug Tool Kits:
Complete supplies to make 100 coral transplants Includes
1 Plastic tool kit
2 Assorted Coral Fragmentation Tools
10 Plastic Medicine Cups
20 Underwater Epoxy for attaching plugs to plug holes
10 Pounds of RBDG Fast Set Adapter Plug hydrostatic cement with Microsilica and Adva Flow
Order by # of coral transplants to do in increments of 100.
Each increment is $200 or just $2 per coral!

Reef Ball Tool Kits
Reef Innovations will put together a custom tool kit for your project charging only 50% above actual tool costs and including it with your mold order.
This is an excellent value to use Reef Innovation expertise to save you lots of time running around getting what you are missing to start your project. Contact Larry Beggs for to find out what you might need which depends on what you have already plus how you are conducting your project (barge, building by hand, truck etc.)

Adaptor Plug Fast Set Reef Ball Pre-mix
We have designed a 2 minute setting concrete mix with our special admixtures for strength, etc. to make plugs used for coral restoration work, attaching plaques, etc. in combination with the Attachment plug kits. Each 5 pound plastic tub will make between 100-300 disks or 50-100 plugs.
5 Pound Plastic Bucket with microsilica and a high range water reducer premixed with hydrostatic cement is $25.

Shop charges $85/hour for fiberglass repair work.

All prices F.O.B. Sarasota, Florida.  Not all parts are kept in stock, please allow 3-6 weeks or call for availability.
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