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the Reef Ball Foundation is an international non-profit foundation whose mission is to rehabilitate and to protect our world's ocean ecosystems through the development and use of ecologically sound designed reefs and related systems. We emphasize on-going research, public education, community involvement, and reefs that promote and support natural species diversity and population density.




designed reefs and related ecosystems

World ocean systems are at a tipping point and one stark indicator is a worldwide decline of reefs. Sadly, 20% of the world's coral reefs have effectively been destroyed and it's estimated that 24% of the remaining are under imminent risk. A further 26% are under longer-term threat of collapse.

Reefs matter for us and for the environment in countless ways and designed reefs are useful tools for restoring our reef systems to a natural and productive balance. designed reef related ecosystems

why reef balls?

Reef Balls are the world's leading designed artificial reef modules because they are simply the most effective way to create sustainable aquatic habitat and achieve it in a safe, long term, environmentally compatible way.

Reef Ball modules are designed to mimic natural reefs. These basic modules and related adaptations using Reef Ball technology are the backbone of our restoration and protection efforts and are by far the most-used and recognized designed reef structure in the world. Reef Balls are ideally suited for a wide-range of aquatic habitats even when used in engineering applications.

Find out how reef Balls are used. about their success and what you can do with Reef Ball and in your everyday life to help.

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looking ahead with our latest technology:
EcoRap - the sea wall designed with nature


The Reef Ball Foundation first concentrated on coral reef restoration but has continuously expanded its technology to meet new challenges in a wide array of environmental issues. Our latest application, EcoRap Living Seawalls, launched in the spring of 2016, brings a new approach to seawalls. Traditional sea walls aid coastal erosion by inhibiting natural tidal processes. Being called the first of its kind, these new living seawalls, working hand-in-hand with Living Shoreline initiatives, protect the shoreline and promote marine life.

The first EcoRap seawall was deployed in Pinellas County, Florida following requests to help with their ailing sea walls and to enhance the environment.
Learn more on this technology in this video by Sarasota Bay Watch.