what is a reef ball?

a reef ball is a designed artificial reef module which mimics the structure and function of a natural reef...



...made with special concrete additives Reef Ball concrete, with a pH similar to sea water, assures compatibility with marine environments and enhances its attractiveness to colonizing organisms.

Hollow interior spaces provide ideal habitat and shelter for a variety of species. Advanced coral transplantation techniques allow the addition of coral plugs for quick initiation of growth and rescue and propagation of hard and soft corals damaged by storms, dredging, etc.

Wave tank tests at the Università studi di Napoli Federico II, Naples

Wave tank tests at the Università studi di Napoli Federico II, Naples


Designed reefs function better when they mimic nature. Natural reefs vary and Reef Balls vary in size from 1 foot to 5 feet in height. The number and placement of holes can be altered for each unit to create a variety similar to that found in nature and surface textures enhance marine life settlement.

Coral plug growth over 4 years

Reef Balls appear low-tech but have been proven in thousands of projects. Their environmental uses have been developed over years, demonstrated to be effective and ecologically sound around the globe. Designed to withstand movement and damage in storms, Reef Balls have remained stable in the highest-rated storms - including the 2004 tsunami. Organic in appearance yet high tech in design, Reef Balls are time and trial proven solutions to a variety of marine environmental issues.


Floating Reef Ball

Reef Balls can be, and frequently are, deployed by barge or large boat. Still, due to the inflated center bladder - already an essential component of the construction process - Reef Balls can float, so can be deployed without costly barges as they can be easily towed out and placed by small boats or even by divers or swimmers.

Due to our simple mold construction system Reef Balls can easily be made and deployed even in ares with limited resources. We intentionally developed the system to use construction tools and products which can be found anywhere and volunteers can easily learn the techniques.